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Michelle Obama celebrates the National Design Awards at The Smithsonian’s Cooper-Hewitt, National Design Museum last Friday. What symbol is she wearing on the front of her white dress?

Press Release of the Winners Click Here

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You need to get out Obama. Freedom is only as long-lasting as our willingness to fight to defend it. President Obama this November, your Constitutional-dismantling time is up.


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Seminole, Florida orders firefighters to remove US flags from its trucks.  There were two complaints logged with flags flying from a ladder truck to the city officials. The flags were not torn, it was the placement that offended the people.

Last time I looked this is still the United State’s of America.  If you have a problem with its flag, move to another country.

Contact Seminole City, Florida Click Here

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Beyoncé’s assists Obama for America with a video/letter to First Lady Michelle Obama. Ah isn’t that sweet.  I am sure the admiration is reciprocated. Michelle Obama did attend your opening concert with her daughters in Atlantic City Revel Casino. Also, recent magazine reported that if Michelle Obama could trade places with anyone it would be Beyoncé.

Your can read the letter right here.

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Toronto Blue Jays fan catches foul ball with legs at Rogers Center. He was on his way back to his seat in the first inning of the Blue Jays 1-0 loss to the Cleveland Indians and his hands were full of concession stand items.

Nice catch, great reflexes.

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