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Raccoon Steals Donut From Coffee Shop In Toronto, Canada.

I had to find out where this Coffee Shop was.  Twitter states it was from Tim Horton’s.

Diseases That Raccoons Can Spread to Humans

Raccoons and Public Health

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Toronto Raccoon R.I.P. #DeadRacoonTO

Poor little guy, left dead on street for over 6-8 hours.  What is humane about the largest city in Canada’s response to an animals death?

Dead raccoon takes internet by storm after street-side memorial in Toronto

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Canadian Football League 100th Grey Cup, Toronto Argonauts 35, Calgary Stampeders 22, November 25, 2012.

Argonauts dominate Stampeders to win 100th Grey Cup game

Argos close out magical season in Toronto with Grey Cup victory

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Orangutans get iPads at Toronto Zoo. Milwaukee County Zoo primates also have started using four donated iPads for enrichment exercises.

I wonder if they play Angry Birds?

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Toronto Blue Jays fan catches foul ball with legs at Rogers Center. He was on his way back to his seat in the first inning of the Blue Jays 1-0 loss to the Cleveland Indians and his hands were full of concession stand items.

Nice catch, great reflexes.

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