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Cat Day In Japan #Cat Day

Any day is a great day to celebrate our animal friends, cats.

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Shine, By The Collective Soul Cat.

Very cool, placed a smile on my face today.


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Friendly Kitty Wants To Hang With Cameraman.

Maybe he is filming in Tashirojima, the Cat Island in Japan.

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Cat hanging to Aircraft’s metal beam after takeoff.

The kitty got some clean air while being a stow away for a few minutes.

The kitty was not harmed.

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Kitty Disco. Having a party this holiday weekend.

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A Golden Retriever Puppy Kisses A Kitten.

What a beautiful site, it just warms my heart, all animals.

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Didga, The Cat Bike Rides And Skateboards.

Didga is a very athletic cat.

Just needed feel good videos today.  I can always go back to my love for cats.

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Is The Cat Going Up Or Down Stairs?

It looks to me that the cat is climbing up the stairs.

No one on the internet can figure out whether this cat is going up or down these stairs.

Professor explains whether cat is going up or down stairs

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Cat logic.

I just love these videos.

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Cat Tag

Cat Tag.

Just a quick cat video to brighten the day.

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