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When Matthew Was a Category 5 Hurricane Compared to #SuperStorm Sandy #HurricaneMatthew

Who would do this you tube when Mathew was a Cat 5 on September, 30, 2016?

This blogger wants to know if will to follow the path of Hurricane Sandy? It went over the same Mountains of Cuba and destroyed Haiti! First it impacts the direction of the cruise ships.  I worked on Cruise Ships down the Caribbean ported at Labadee, Haiti,  RCCL private beach.  It is very unfortunate for people to have spent thousand of dollars and they keep you at sea not ports.  They Cruise Line make more money when you are at sea.  Really your stuck usually sick as heck.  I was an entertainer.  I developed my Sea Legs after a couple of months.  But I believe this one is going to leave lots of deviation. The storm surge or the sea swells are an indicator.  I live in South Jersey. Hurricane Sandy’s eye came over me.  It did not go further North, the eye.  That is why it surprised North Jersey and New York.  People should start preparing now.  Everyone on the East coast of United States start your preparation for a hurricane.  We had an extremely hot summer, 2016 and the water off the coast on the Atlantic are warm.  All that warm weather feeds into making it a SuperStorm.

Insurance companies profit from hurricanes.

Business Of Disaster: Insurance Firms Profited $400 Million After Sandy

Itinerary Updates Hurricane Matthew Weather Update Royal Caribbean International


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Breaking: Hoboken Terminal: NJ Transit Train Crashes, People Confirmed Dead#NJTRANSIT#PATHTrain.

I am in South Jersey.  It has been raining for the past 2 days.  My son and I last took this train March 22nd, 2016. We visited the memorial of the World Trade Center.  People are on the boarding platform are the people that will been in the greatest danger. This is a heavy traveled corridor from New Jersey to New York. Severe structural damage at the terminal has been reported.

God, Please Be with the dead and injured.

1 dead, over 100 injured after Pascack Valley Line train crashes into Hoboken station.




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Presidential Debate 2016: Donald Trump Vs Hillary Clinton.

Over 100 million people projected to view tonight’s best reality show EVER!  I have decided to view at home. May the best man win!

Donald Trump 2016!

First Presidential Debate: Rules and format

Presidential debate 2016: Five things to watch in Monday night’s showdown

Obama’s Last Day 01.20.17™ Full Logo Structured Cap – Made in USA

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Ahmad Khan Rahami Bomber, NYC ,Chelsea, Suspect Caught in Linden, NJ, Shootout with Police.#bluelivesmatter,#nycbomber

Brilliant work, start talking now Bomber, you got your alive ass caught real quick.  All in the same area top of the families chicken store in Elizabeth, New Jersey . All vehicles have GPS now.  I worked up in that area exit 12 A on the NJ turnpike. Very densely populated area, Good people. Suspect was said running after taking shots at a police car.  5’6″,200 lbs.  He was being seen sleeping in an entrance somewhere. Great work to the #bluelivesmatter

Live Updates: Suspected Chelsea Bomber Rahami Arrested In New Jersey After Shootout


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Textalyzer, Coming Soon to a Road Near You in New York?

As a driver we all know the danger of texting while operating a moving vehicle. Even if you do not perform this, you see others sharing the road with you doing it.  Do I feel safe seeing a vehicle wandering over lines in the road while I am driving? Heck no.  But, hopefully there will be another way for the police to enforce the law of no texting.  Meet the textalyzer, made by Cellebrite.

This proposed bill is currently in the legislator in New York State.

This is Evan’s Law.

Distracted Operators Risk Casualties

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Black Sunday In Philly: NFL Philadelphia Eagles Shut Out New York Giants 27-0.

Foles and Shady resurfaced. 5-1 going into bye week doesn’t look that bad.

Keep those Black Uniforms handy. The road to Superbowl 2015 keeps getting closer.

Fly Eagles Fly.

Eagles respond to Giants’ trash talk with historic shutout (CSNphilly.com)

The Bizarre Reason Why The Philadelphia Eagles Have Not Worn Green Jerseys This Year (Business Insider.com)

Take your pointer over the below photo to view.

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Cliff Lee, MLB All-Star, Philadelphia Phillies, Stare of Death, July 16, 2013?

What did I miss? I did not see the beginning of the game as I was taking spin class. I did see Lee pitch in the 5th and the error.  All they are talking about on Sports Radio in Philly is the Eagles because baseball is dark. I went on my cousin Marjorie’s Facebook and she noted it.  So it was time for me to blog about it.

New York Yankees, New York Mets Fans, The joke is on you Suckers!  Yankee’s, Lee didn’t want you and the Met’s are @ the bottom of our division, I believe with the Marlins. Ha Ha!

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Today is the Anniversary of the Day of My Birth. New York City Here I Come. Inspiration. Transformation. Celebration. DONE!

Yes, Today is My Birthday. I always do something special. I also celebrate movement today. Usually take a dance class but I am going to change things up this year. I have reserved a bike at Soul Cycle, Upper Wast Side. New York City.  It is only a few blocks where I would jump in a dance class at Steps 74th and Broadway.  When I was employed on Cruise Ships as a professional dancer, New York to Bermuda. I would disembark, for six hours.  Then, walk to subway from the berth @ 50th and West side Highway, ride the subway up to 72nd walk up to 74th and take class up at Steps. But since I am an avid spinner now. I am going up to soul West 77.  I my instructor is Sue Molnar, check out her Bio. The question is can she induce my endorphins to a point of no return?  It is 9:50 am now and going to do a Starbucks run.  But this story had to be told. Then start packing, drive up to Hamilton, NJ, park and take NJ Transit to Penn Station. Then, to NYC (Aunt Sue, I am going to visit after I get the air conditioner fixed in my car on Wednesday as she is in a nursing home) FYI, I have been going up to NYC since the 60’s to study dance.  My Aunt Sue took me to my first dance class, then the sky was the limit.  I became a professional dancer years later. But,  I cannot wait to ride in NYC.  I believe I am on bike #68, second row in the middle. I have always cross trained to make me a better dancer/athlete. That is why I have always been cutting edge.

Congrats! Your SOUL is confirmed.

Get ready to FIND YOUR SOUL on Tue Jul 16 6:30 PM on bike 38 with Sue!

Should you have any questions feel free to call the studio at 212.787.1300 or soulwest77@soul-cycle.com.

Inspiration. Transformation. Celebration. DONE.

See you on your bike!


MY BFF Lynn from the Cruise ships called. I now have my family back as Marjorie, Denise and my uncle Emil are back in my life plus all their children  You talk about the Soprano’s, we have them beat. My son Jordan took off from work and has decided to escort his Mother and take lots of photos today.

Also the MLB 2013 All Star Game is at City Field. Go National League, Get the Home field advantage for the World Series. ( I am an Avid Philles Fan and so is my cousin Marjorie)

Birthday Horoscope for July 16th

Most Popular People Born On July 16

Born on July 16th, tracking the entire World

 July 16th, Wiki page

God is an Awesome God. God is Great!

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Alanis Morissette- Jagged Little Pill – Uninvited  ( Live in New York, Roxy Theater) 1999

Uninvited Lyrics

This song is resonating with me now, very powerful.

What is your interpretation?


Oh this is good...

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