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NFL Philadelphia Eagles Schedule 2016.

New Coach, Kelly is gone. Will I ever be privileged fan watching the Eagles winning a Superbowl in my lifetime?


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Super Bowl 50, Broncos & Panthers.
Die hard Philly Eagles fan here is in suffering mode.  Chip is gone. Lurie placed his buddy Howie up in management again. The new Head coach is a former Philly QB that McCrabb replaced. What is his name again? Did we acquire an Offensive line yet? Yes, the game is won at the line of scrimmage.  The closest we got to wining the SB was when we had T. Owens but McNabb puked.

I will be in heaven with the Lord before the Eagles win a Super Bowl.





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NFL, Chip Kelly, Philadelphia Eagles Lose to Tampa Bay.

I am an angry Birds fan at the present.





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Snow Day By Nike.

Very hot Nike Ad.  I remember the NFL cancelled a home Philadelphia Eagles game due to potential blizzard. Former Gov. Ed Rendell thinks we’re becoming a “nation of wussies” for delaying the Eagles-Vikings game because of the blizzard not “in any way, shape or form a blizzard.”

The Gov was speaking the Truth. It prompted the Former DA of Philly and Gov of PA to write the book, A Nation of Wusses.

In my Professional Cheerleading years in the National Football League and the Canadian Football League,  I remember layering up, extra socks and gloves were a must. Now trying to touch up make up was a halftime must and a time to warm up, especially in the The 1981 Grey Cup. 

Players love it, fans love it and so does its cheerleaders, Football in the snow.

Nike Welcomes Winter With Epic, Star-Studded, Two-Minute ‘Snow Day’ Commercial More than 20 athletes brave the cold in style

Here’s The Identity Of Every Athlete In New Nike Commercial ‘Snow Day’


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Jeffrey Lurie, Bradley Cooper Chant Fly Eagles Fly After TD.

Ok, that is cool but I dislike Lurie.

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Brian Westbrook Enters Eagles Hall Of Fame.

Westbrooke stated,

When I have people come up to me now and rattle off my stats and say they watched me when they were younger, it still amazes me just a bit, because I don’t look at myself that way. I look at myself as just another guy who worked hard at his job, grinded, and good things happen when you work hard.  I never really thought about it. I’ve seen guys like Brian Dawkins and Donovan McNabb who carried this team for so long get inducted into the Hall of Fame and having their numbers retired. I never really knew if I was going to get the opportunity, but my day came and it’s a blessing. When Mr. Lurie called me, he said ‘we couldn’t have chosen a better game to induct you into the Hall of Fame then when we play against the Giants,’ He took so much pride in playing well against those guys. For me it was a great matchup; a great opportunity to show people close to what we could do and what I could do as a player. But it’s kind of fitting that I’ll go into the Hall of Fame against the Giants.”

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NFL’s Top Ten Professional Stadiums.

Via USA Today Sports

1. Lambeau Field — Green Bay Packers — 80,735

2. AT&T Stadium — Dallas Cowboys — 85,000

3. Arrowhead Stadium — Kansas City Chiefs — 76,416

4. CenturyLink Stadium — Seattle Seahawks — 67,0005

5. Lincoln Financial Field — Philadelphia Eagles — 69,596

6. Heinz Field — Pittsburgh Steelers — 68,400

7. MetLife Stadium — New York Giants/Jets — 82,500

8. Sports Authority Field at Mile High — Denver Broncos — 76,125

9. M&T Bank Stadium — Baltimore Ravens — 71,008

10. University of Phoenix Stadium — Arizona Cardinals — 63,400

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NFL Philadelphia Eagles Wearing All Black Vs New York Football Giants, Monday Night Football.

Anything to bring a win to the Linc on the national spotlight Monday Night. I do not like waiting for all the other NFL Games on Sunday to complete before I have to view the Eagles on Monday Night. The weekend drags so long.

Via Bleeding Green Nation

The Eagles debuted their all black uniforms at home against the New York Giants last year. The Eagles beat the Giants in that game by a final score of 27-0. The Eagles really need to beat the Giants on Monday Night Football next week, so this is probably as good a time as ever to break out the all-black jerseys once again.

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Gisele Bündchen Tweets Go PaPai During NFL New England Vs Dallas Game.

I was surfing around on twitter after the Philly Eagles won.  I was on the NFL feed and saw Gisele tweeting out Go PaPai, during the Pats and Cowboys game.  I thought I saw seeing things. But get with it girlfriend, he is a quarterback not Papai ( he is not your daddy but your husband.)

Learn the English language use it properly especially during an NFL game. But your husband is a superstar cheater.  I am from Philly, enough said.

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NFL Eagles, Temple Win, Chase Utley Never Left Philly.

Yes, it was a great weekend to be a Philly Sports Fan.

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