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Super Bowl 50, Broncos & Panthers.
Die hard Philly Eagles fan here is in suffering mode.  Chip is gone. Lurie placed his buddy Howie up in management again. The new Head coach is a former Philly QB that McCrabb replaced. What is his name again? Did we acquire an Offensive line yet? Yes, the game is won at the line of scrimmage.  The closest we got to wining the SB was when we had T. Owens but McNabb puked.

I will be in heaven with the Lord before the Eagles win a Super Bowl.





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NFL Football, Philadelphia Eagles vs Cleveland Browns. Week 1.

I am ready for some Football. I graced the sideline for the Philadelphia Eagles as an Eaglette Cheerleader while an undergraduate student at Temple University.

These photos were taken at Philadelphia Veterans Stadium.

Good times remembered.

Go Eagles.

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