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Obama’s fundraiser by Jay-Z and Beyonce in NYC is tonight at the rappers 40/40 Club It boasts a catwalk, five V.I.P. lounges, and an 18-foot-tall illuminated champagne tower among its amenities.. At $40,000 per head of 100 people Obama should raise over $4 million. Also, Obama is  to tape a show, Late Show with David Letterman. Remember, Obama tweeted about the event when American Embassy’s were under attack this past week.

Obama has his priorities in order.

But, you will not see any videos or audio of the fundraiser. Also expect gridlock on the Manhattan streets as Obama’s motorcade is excepted at 3pm.

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Beyoncé’s assists Obama for America with a video/letter to First Lady Michelle Obama. Ah isn’t that sweet.  I am sure the admiration is reciprocated. Michelle Obama did attend your opening concert with her daughters in Atlantic City Revel Casino. Also, recent magazine reported that if Michelle Obama could trade places with anyone it would be Beyoncé.

Your can read the letter right here.

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