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Ryan Howard returns to the Phillies line up, July 6, 2012.  One week after Chase Utley returned with his walk off home run. I thought I would never see him return this year with the Achilles tendon complete rupture. It is his right, push-off, back leg.  Crucial to his pivot in his power batting stance. First time up, batting clean up, Howard almost goes yard. Double to center field, takes 2nd  limping, hobbling around the bases. My goose bumps have stopped.  I am not holding my breath any longer. Howard’s mighty bat has returned.

Ryan is freshly pressed from the Iron Pigs Triple AAA stance.

Prayers to My Phillies.

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Thought for the Day

“Apparently, I’m supposed to be more outraged by what Mitt Romney does
with his money, than by what Barack Obama does with mine.”

H/T Tom M

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Excessive heat warning in surrounding area Philadelphia, PA,  No, this is not the desert out western US but the weather temperature prediction for the Philadelphia, PA area. Needed is a source to cool off. There have been four heat-related deaths so far. Many residence head to the Jersey shore for relief.  The Ocean temperature is in the 70’s. There are cooling centers located in the city. But without soaking rain the area stays in a drought situation.

This is an official heat wave, day 9 of over 90 degrees in succession.

Remember the elderly and pets.

Record Heat Saturday Click Here

My favorite beach spot, Long Beach Island, New Jersey.

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A historical moment took place today when the UK government hoisted the rainbow flag symbolizing LGBT pride over one of its ministries for the first time in London. According to Raw Story, Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg requested the flag be flown on Whitehall, the central London street that houses several ministries, in honor of the London World Pride parade celebrating LGBT rights this Saturday.

Is this a sign of the times to come to the US soon?

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Stray cat climbs on reporter during live TV. Look at her reaction. The cat jumped down and continued on the news. PSA. make sure your animals are not overheated during the summer months.  They get hot just like we do.

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