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He doesn’t get it does he?. President Obama’s recent remarks about American business owners is yet another reminder that the President is woefully out of touch. American entrepreneurs are the engine of job growth for our country — they work hard, make sacrifices, and deserve their success.


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Penn State did you get the message high in the sky, take the statue down or we will? An airplane towing a banner that reads “Take the statue down or we will” flew over the Penn State campus for several hours Tuesday, July 17, 2012. The banner is presumably referring to the Joe Paterno statue outside Beaver stadium which has become a point of controversy after the release of the Louis Freeh report last week.

I agreed with this message. Take the statue down in the middle of the night. While you are at it, erase Joe Paterno from that mural or I think it will get vandalized also.

Some Crazies Commissioned a Plane to Fly Above Penn State Today and Demand Joe Paterno’s Statue be Taken Down Click Here

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The Obama Connection. In a new Republican National Committee ad we learn about Obama bundler Steve Westly, a crony capitalist bundler, who has been a big beneficiary of the president’s so-called “hope and change.”

Obama donors with Soros ties plot to use eminent domain to make money.


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Flash Mob over 300 youths rob and vandalize a Walmart in Jacksonville, Florida. According to a police report, the massive crowd  trashed the store, the security equipment, anti-shop lifting security scanner was also destroyed and the employees were left terrified.

No one has been arrested.

When is the President of the United States, Barack Obama going to condemn these actions?

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ASPCA Animal Cruelty Commercial, May 2012 to Roberta Flack’s First time Ever Saw your Face. This is about animal abuse. This is a gut wrenching, I get teary eyes every time this airs on TV. It is to create awareness about animal abuse.

Take the Pledge to Fight Animal Cruelty Click Here

I support the ASPCA in its steadfast commitment to end animal cruelty. I will do all that is possible to help the animals in my community live happy, healthy lives.

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