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Penn State did you get the message high in the sky, take the statue down or we will? An airplane towing a banner that reads “Take the statue down or we will” flew over the Penn State campus for several hours Tuesday, July 17, 2012. The banner is presumably referring to the Joe Paterno statue outside Beaver stadium which has become a point of controversy after the release of the Louis Freeh report last week.

I agreed with this message. Take the statue down in the middle of the night. While you are at it, erase Joe Paterno from that mural or I think it will get vandalized also.

Some Crazies Commissioned a Plane to Fly Above Penn State Today and Demand Joe Paterno’s Statue be Taken Down Click Here

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The Freeh Report, Mark May’s perception of Joe Paterno and Penn State has been forever impacted by the Jerry Sandusky scandal.

This commenter states the truth. The President, the Vice President, the Athletic Director and Head Football Coach,  are all guilty.

UNEDITED: July 12, 2012 Statement from Penn State University leadership and the Board of Trustees Click Here

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