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Mitt Romney‘s press conference on the Muslim terrorist attacks at the U.S. Embassy in Egypt and Libya in Jacksonville, Florida.

Do you think the press corps questions had Obama’s butt covered? You bet ya.

Busted, Open mic: Press coordinating questions for Romney “No matter who he calls on, we’re covered.”

Romney is right: In embassy incidents, Obama administration’s first instinct was to sympathize with attackers Click Here

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NBC local 11pm news at 12:07am in  Jacksonville, Florida. Local sportscaster is perturbed with Bob Costas for his prolonged 2012 Olympics coverage after midnight.

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Flash Mob over 300 youths rob and vandalize a Walmart in Jacksonville, Florida. According to a police report, the massive crowd  trashed the store, the security equipment, anti-shop lifting security scanner was also destroyed and the employees were left terrified.

No one has been arrested.

When is the President of the United States, Barack Obama going to condemn these actions?

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