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Mitt Romney‘s press conference on the Muslim terrorist attacks at the U.S. Embassy in Egypt and Libya in Jacksonville, Florida.

Do you think the press corps questions had Obama’s butt covered? You bet ya.

Busted, Open mic: Press coordinating questions for Romney “No matter who he calls on, we’re covered.”

Romney is right: In embassy incidents, Obama administration’s first instinct was to sympathize with attackers Click Here

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Brian Williams fire alarm interrupts live NBC Nightly News. I was surfing around looking for videos of the lefts coverage of Paul Ryan’s nomination and I found this.

I tune into the OMG, Obama Media Group otherwise known as NBC for National news for the first 10 minutes just to see their spin.

I still laugh my butt off to see Brian Williams squirm and keep a straight face during this live broadcast.

Priceless footage.

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Mitt Romney spokesman: ‘Kiss My A–‘ – Rick Gorka tells reporters to ‘Shove It’ in Warsaw, Poland. This was at the  Tomb of the Unknown Soldier in Warsaw.

These reporters at part of the MSM, otherwise known as the Obama Media Group.

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