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NBC local 11pm news at 12:07am in  Jacksonville, Florida. Local sportscaster is perturbed with Bob Costas for his prolonged 2012 Olympics coverage after midnight.

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Gabby Douglas wins Olympic women’s gymnastics all-around gold medal, 2012. Douglas finished with 62.232 points, and Russia’s Viktoria Kimova won the silver with 61.973 points. Aliya Mustafina of Russia and Aly Raisman of the United States finished tied with 59.566 points, but Mustafina was awarded the bronze on the basis of a tiebreaker. (For the tiebreaker, Mustafina’s and Raisman’s scores were amended, dropping the lowest of the four apparatus scores.)

History-Making High: How U.S. Gymnast Gabrielle Douglas Became the Olympic All-Around Champion Click Here




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London Olympics: USA gymnast’s Parents Aly Raisman’s reactions during competition.   NBC has decided to now give the viewer a personal perspective. I thought it was fantastic.

Aly Raisman received one of the only two all around competition spots during the qualifying events Sunday. That means this US gymnast score will be able to compete in all four events for a medal contention.

Only two competitors from any one nation can compete in an event final, and Raisman finished 0.025 points higher than her other teammates.

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Michelle Obama sports $6,800 Cap sleeve jacket at the London Olympic games to visit the Queen.  I knew the British would be all over her fashion. Michelle is hurting like the American folks. Michelle, the next charity you will be asking the Americans for will be your fund after your husband is out of a job November 6, 2012.

Michelle Obama rags to riches saga continues.

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Michelle and Barack Obama get booed on kiss cam,  but get a second chance in 4th quarter. I think Joe Biden was next to them edging them on and Michelle resisted the first time. They were at the Verizon Center catching a basketball game, USA and Brazil.

Michelle Obama was playing hard to get. Then, in the last quarter, there was time for deliverance.  Barack got comfortable and took his jacket off.  Their daughter encouraged their parents kiss. The PR nightmare was thwarted for the voters of America.

Barack Obama got a second chance. Imagine that!

Below, Victoria & David Beckham Pucker Up On The Lakers’ Kiss Cam. These Brits show us Americans how it is done.

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