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Liberty Mutual Insurance commercial, Humans, during the London Olympics. This caught my attention while viewing the Olympics today.

Very cool and clever marketing and promotion department  The commercial brought me to the Human League’s Human music video below. It reminds me of those great super bowl commercials. Very refreshing.

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London Olympic opening ceremony tribute to socialized medicine or national health service. It was British Danny Boyle’s $42 million world stage show.

I am discovering the undercurrent layers of the theatrical tribute to music, theater and movies. Watch the below video.

Opening Ceremony London 2012: Did director take shot at US on health care? Click Here

Americans baffled by ‘left-wing tribute’ to free healthcare during Opening Ceremonies  Click Here

2012 London Olympics: Relive most bizarre moments of opening ceremonies Click Here

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Michelle Obama hugs entire US Mens Olympic Basketball US vs France today after their win.  Is this real lady? GMAB, Super fan. Come to Mommy.

Sorry, I am calling you out of this one.  They aren’t your personal ball boys Lady.

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Three year old boy opens locked  gun safes.  Is it propaganda or did the child curiosity peaked? Was this child coached?  I never owned a gun.  Isn’t your gun box suppose to be placed in a safe and secure location away from children?

Gun sales in Colorado have soared in the aftermath of the shooting tragedy in Aurora that claimed 12 lives and left 58 wounded, Click Here

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Michelle Obama sports $6,800 Cap sleeve jacket at the London Olympic games to visit the Queen.  I knew the British would be all over her fashion. Michelle is hurting like the American folks. Michelle, the next charity you will be asking the Americans for will be your fund after your husband is out of a job November 6, 2012.

Michelle Obama rags to riches saga continues.

Embroidered Cap Sleeve Jacket $6,800  Click Here

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