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How Obama steals elections one at a time from Chicago to the White House. A CNN report from 2008 on Obama’s history in  Chicago politics. Who would have thought Senator Obama ran unopposed.  What is amazing, the MSM is playing by the rules in this reporting. Sadly, we know that election fraud does exist. Dead people, registered people casting their vote several times, illegals voting  and intimation. Paying off election judges with a small fee of course is the mainstream in Philadelphia politics. I know a friend who was running as a state representative., played by the rules but when it came time to count the votes, it was election judge that wasn’t paid off for a donation of $10,000. Would voter ID laws curb this element? I believe it runs much deeper.

Is the Republican party  taking lesson from past years?  Romney, I would get an armored tank. Obama is going to be firing from all directions. Obama is not going to give up his next 4 years of terrorizing America. Personally, he has too much to lose.

I like the term citizen Obama, January, 2013.

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“Bye-bye, Miss American Pie” US Helicopter appears to fire on Afghans. You remember that song from Don McLean.  It seems like there is another rendition being sung. This is another Internet viral which will ensue the Muslims to be enraged. No time date stamp on the tape.

I hope the US military leaves all countries. All our troops come home from Muslim countries and  guard US soil.

Afghanistan aid conference pledges $16bn over four years. Click Here

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Will the kids of today know how to use 1980’s technology? Cassette player vs. MP3, Atari vs. Xbox, Laptop vs. Commador. Well, I am a child of the 70’s. We had electric typewriters and 8-track players.   Need I say any more?

Nostalgia. This is a bast from the past.

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$4.7B cultural theme park is planned in Tibetan capital to boost tourism. In a 3 -5 year time span, China plans to build a 3 mile park near its downtown of Lhasa.  The ancient Chinese Princess Wencheng, will be the theme. She is a symbol of friendship. Wencheng was a devoted Buddhist and together with King Songtasan and his first wife, Bhrikuti Devi helped spread Buddhism around Tibet.

The park will also exhibit Tibetan folk arts and medicine.

What Is Buddhism? Buddhism for Beginners Click Here

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Gov. Chris Christie loses his cool on Seaside Heights Boardwalk, has an ice cream meltdown. When you walking the boards on a very humid summer night, you can expect any remark that come your way Gov. Why so testy? Anger management classes are in order for you.  Now how is Mitt going to perceive you as a kind and gentle man for a VP slot? We in NJ know you are a tyrant. You know people are upset with your Rutger Camden move and how you have taken on the NJ teacher Union. But Governor,  that is no way to act in public.

Also, why didn’t you get frozen yogurt instead of ice cream?

Behave. Allow citizens to give you constructive criticism. You give the Jersey Shore a bad name.

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