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How Obama steals elections one at a time from Chicago to the White House. A CNN report from 2008 on Obama’s history in  Chicago politics. Who would have thought Senator Obama ran unopposed.  What is amazing, the MSM is playing by the rules in this reporting. Sadly, we know that election fraud does exist. Dead people, registered people casting their vote several times, illegals voting  and intimation. Paying off election judges with a small fee of course is the mainstream in Philadelphia politics. I know a friend who was running as a state representative., played by the rules but when it came time to count the votes, it was election judge that wasn’t paid off for a donation of $10,000. Would voter ID laws curb this element? I believe it runs much deeper.

Is the Republican party  taking lesson from past years?  Romney, I would get an armored tank. Obama is going to be firing from all directions. Obama is not going to give up his next 4 years of terrorizing America. Personally, he has too much to lose.

I like the term citizen Obama, January, 2013.

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