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MLB Philadelphia Phillies Pull Out Win 5-4 Against First Place Atlanta Braves, July 5, 2013.

My cousin Marjorie (another die-hard Phillies Fan) and I decided to do a mental health break and attend a Phillies game.  It was an unbelievable event as Howard took one deep when we were walking late into the Citizen’s Bank. Score was 5-0 in 5th. Then, the Braves started creeping back in the 7th as Lee was having a meltdown. 5-4, Oh no, as Marjorie and I started yelling to the field to our beloved Phillies. Papelbon ( the matador, For Whom the Bell Tolls) and Chooch came in  the 9th and closed down the first place chop chop tomahawk, Atlanta Braves.  ( I always despised that chant)

Praise the Lord for little things in life.

Hope still lies in the Phiilies as they have a long home stand before the All Star Break July 16, 2013 ( BTW, that day is my Birthday)

Excellent seats, great time.  Then we headed to Xfinity Live for Chickie and Pete’s famous Crab Fries.

Below are some photos from the game. Everyone likes their picture taken. ( even the Mets fan sitting with the girl next to us.  He was rooting for the Braves because he hates the Phils. But that was OK. )

All was well at the Ballpark last night.  The Girls (women) didn’t have their children with them. We could yell, yell and yell some more.  They tend to sublimate our limitless amount of energy.

Lee, Phils pick up crucial win over first-place Braves












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MLB Atlanta Braves 6-3 loss to the  St. Louis Cardinals one game wild card playoff. Questionable infield fly in 8th inning you bet.  I started watching the game in the 6th then with 2 extra umpires on the field, then they blow this call?

Game is under protest.  But it doesn’t matter.

Major League Baseball must adapt to current technology and submit themselves to review. Watch the tape.

Text of the infield fly rule from Rule 2.00 of the Official Baseball Rules: Click Here

Atlanta Braves Fans Litter Turner Field After Terrible Infield Fly Rule Call Click Here

Braves Fans Attack Umpires With Garbage After Worst Infield Fly Call Ever Click Here

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Ryan Howard returns to the Phillies line up, July 6, 2012.  One week after Chase Utley returned with his walk off home run. I thought I would never see him return this year with the Achilles tendon complete rupture. It is his right, push-off, back leg.  Crucial to his pivot in his power batting stance. First time up, batting clean up, Howard almost goes yard. Double to center field, takes 2nd  limping, hobbling around the bases. My goose bumps have stopped.  I am not holding my breath any longer. Howard’s mighty bat has returned.

Ryan is freshly pressed from the Iron Pigs Triple AAA stance.

Prayers to My Phillies.

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