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A federal judge denies actress Cindy Lee Garcia request to remove anti-Islam film from YouTube on copyright infringement.

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This is the 14-minute clip/trailer, it never was a movie. The Obama administration conveniently used as an excuse not to protect Americans on 9/11/2012.

Cindy Lee Garcia replied,

My whole life has been turned upside down in every aspect. My family has been threatened. Emotionally, I am very disturbed.”

I am irate because 4 Americans died in Benghazi on Obama’s watch. His Administrations cover up of lies and incompetence.


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Generals and Admirals take out full- page newspaper ad urging American to remove Barack Obama from power.

H/T Reaganite Republican

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Seminole, Florida orders firefighters to remove US flags from its trucks.  There were two complaints logged with flags flying from a ladder truck to the city officials. The flags were not torn, it was the placement that offended the people.

Last time I looked this is still the United State’s of America.  If you have a problem with its flag, move to another country.

Contact Seminole City, Florida Click Here

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