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President Obama, 10,000 Syrians, ISIS terrorists to America?

Stop this country from bringing all refugees to the USA, look what has happened to Europe? Secure America Now!

God Bless America.


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Lights Across The World Support France.#ParisAttacks

Philly’s Boat House Row on West River Drive ( Kelly Drive) in Lights.#ParisAttacks

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Paris Attacks Victims Memorial, U2, Bono.

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War on Terrorism, Paris, Self contained Cell from Syria?

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Obama, ISIS has been ‘Contained’ Hours Before Paris Terrorism.

POTUS does not know how to lead.  US citizens, can we have the Presidential Election now? God Bless the families of all the victims of this terrorism that is plaguing the world.  Someone must stop them from their barbaric actions. This man cannot lead.

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