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ISIS Belgian jihadist Abdelhamid Abaaoud, Dead in Raid #ParisAttacks.

They used saliva DNA to identify his remains.





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Second Soccer Stadium Boos, Azerbaijan-Moldova before game starts.

No need a minute of silence for France, these soccer fans are elated.

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Turkey Soccer Fans Boo Moment of Silence, #ParisAttacks.

Isn’t Turkey a member of NATO? But they are 99% Muslims.

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France Carries Out Raids, #ParisAttacks, #ParisSiege, #SaintDenis.

ISIS is an Islamic Terrorism Army.  What World Leader will step up and Lead?

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US Governors Opposed To Syrian Refugees Relocation. #ParisAttacks

What are you going to do now POTUS administration?  Let us have all States in This Union reject Obama’s plans for relocation.  All I wanted to know about Muslims I learned from 9/11. Never again will 3,000 people died in vain. Never.   Why isn’t the other Muslim Countries taking the refugees into their country?  Didn’t America learn from past mistakes? How about homes for our Veterans?  Do you care about them Obama?


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