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Paris Authorities Begin Destroying Calais, Muslim Migrant Camps.

Now there is a problem with Paris Streets while dismantlement of the Calais Jungle.

The National Front party,

 “It is absolutely scandalous that Paris Mayor Anne Hidalgo uses taxpayer money to house illegal migrants. Migrants should not be housed in hotels or in modular homes within migrant camps. They should be in detention camps waiting to be taken back to their country of origin.

“Anne Hidalgo’s project is characteristic of a political class that is more concerned with migrants than citizens, a political class that has forgotten that the main role of leaders is to care above all for their own people first.”

I want our boarders CLOSED in USA.  Look at the repercussions of Obama and Hillary Clinton’s Arab Spring.



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Madonna Sings Imagine in Paris.

Madonna pays her tribute to the City of Paris after the November 13, terrorist attacks. She is currently on her Rebel Heart Tour.

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Paris mourns, Eiffel Tower, red, white and blue.

One week later, the world is still in mourning.


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France Carries Out Raids, #ParisAttacks, #ParisSiege, #SaintDenis.

ISIS is an Islamic Terrorism Army.  What World Leader will step up and Lead?

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Spiritual Warfare Prayer, #PrayforParis

Spiritual Warfare Prayer

I proclaim Jesus Christ, Lord of all the adventures, circumstances, and difficulties of today. In the name of the Lord Jesus Christ, by the power of His Blood, in the authority of His Word given to me as a Christian, I bind and reject you Satan, and I command you to leave! I seal this place, and all the members of my family, my relatives, and possessions, in the blood of our Lord Jesus Christ.

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