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Is Obama Incompetent To Lead The USA?

Many Americans are in agreement, YES!



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Second Soccer Stadium Boos, Azerbaijan-Moldova before game starts.

No need a minute of silence for France, these soccer fans are elated.

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3 Stray Cats Took Over the High Security G20 Summit Stage in Turkey.

That put a smile on my face today.

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Cuban Immigrants, use American welfare checks only to return to Cuba for family vacations.

These people are legal immigrants. Is there any oversight in the Obama Administration?

Ros-Lehtinen (R) said on Facing Florida,

They’re coming here and they’re taking welfare benefits when they’ve never worked in the United States, they’ve never contributed to the greatness of our nation, and they’re taking their money and going to Cuba. That has got to stop.”

Cuban Adjustment Act


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CALL Your Gov, say NO Obama Resettling, Vetting? #SyrianRefugees

Call Now, it is very important.  Vetting process does not exist. We could be letting more Islamic terrorists on our soil.

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