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According to Oklahoma TV station KFOR, this is Charmin, a squirrel that visits Coyle, Oklahoma.  Resident Annette Conley every day to get food and ice water.

My friend just sent me this in an email to cheer me up.  I just witnessed 2 dead geese as road kill.  It so happens there is a geese crossing near my home and cars drive very quickly.  I called the local police and gave them the address where they had been hit by a passing motorist and never called it in. R.I.P.

I feed a couple of squirrels also at my home.

h/t Muse

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Serena Williams wins  tennis gold, but US Flag flew away, is not there during National Anthem Olympic Podium Ceremony.  I just watched this, I can’t believe my eyes but it is true. It was windy at the Stadium and Serena Williams grand slam won her first Olympic Gold did not have the US flag present during her gold medal podium ceremony at the London Olympic Games. That left the flags of Belarus (bronze medalist Victoria Azarenka) and Russia (Sharapova) dangling above the medal podium.

But, the music played but no Old Glory was not present. The announcers made light of it during the broadcast. I do not think it is funny.

Disgrace!  IOC or London Olympic officials apology please!

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Make-up free Oprah Winfrey and her wigs. See what she looks like before the scenes, just like one of us folks.

Can you imagine Michelle Obama’s collection?

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Uncle Sam audits its stash of gold at the New York Fed.  The U.S. government has stashed gold five stories beneath Manhattan in a vault under the Federal Reserve‘s fortress near Wall Street. Or has it? Is our currency worth the paper it is printed on?

It’s God vs. the Federal Reserve Click Here

The Fed’s Gold Is Being Audited… By The US Treasury Click Here

New York Fed Faces New Scrutiny on Rate-Rigging Scandal Click Here

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