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ISIS Threatens to attack New York City, ISIS Propaganda Video.

Obama, if anything happens on your watch, You will have Blood on your hands. You have carefully orchestrated ISIS your JV team since the Arab Spring.

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Near Penn Station, NYC, Subway Shooting, 35th Street and Eighth Avenue.

My son just traveled there last Thursday.

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Uncle Sam audits its stash of gold at the New York Fed.  The U.S. government has stashed gold five stories beneath Manhattan in a vault under the Federal Reserve‘s fortress near Wall Street. Or has it? Is our currency worth the paper it is printed on?

It’s God vs. the Federal Reserve Click Here

The Fed’s Gold Is Being Audited… By The US Treasury Click Here

New York Fed Faces New Scrutiny on Rate-Rigging Scandal Click Here

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Arrested for dancing while waiting for the New York Subway? Dancing in public is now a crime? This couple was inspired after hearing jazz at the Lincoln Center Midsummer Night’s Swing. A lifeless subway platform they asked a street musician for live tunes. The Charleston was formed waiting for the subway. When the police confronted the woman she could not produce a photo ID, only a credit card. They began to film the encounter and  backup ninja cops perused to tackle the 55-year-old dentist   The cops ordered the pair to go with them. Is this the new urban terrorism? The couple changes were dropped but the dancers have filed a Manhattan federal court suit against the city.

I better watch my step, I always break into dance waiting in many lines, stores.

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