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Belgium, Terrorism, Airport, Subway Explosions, ISIS  

Prayers to all the people of Europe.

Dozens Killed And Injured After Massive Bomb Explosions Rip Through Belgium Airport. Subway Station


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U2, Grand Central Station, Jimmy Fallon, NYC.

They were disguised as street musicians but who wouldn’t know Bono’s voice?

What a treat for the New York city commuters.

Then U2 performed on Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, Friday night.

U2 Official Site

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Ebola Has Arrived In New York City: Hatchet Man Attacks NYC Officers.

Can someone please show leadership in America because the POTUS is vacant as usual.

Ebola hits NYC: Doctor gets virus, fiancee and 2 friends quarantined

NYC Ebola Patient Is Ninth Case In America. Here’s What Happened To The Other Eight

Apparent Muslim Suspect Viciously Attacks NYC Officers With a Hatchet; Possible Ties to Radical Islam Revealed


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Arrested for dancing while waiting for the New York Subway? Dancing in public is now a crime? This couple was inspired after hearing jazz at the Lincoln Center Midsummer Night’s Swing. A lifeless subway platform they asked a street musician for live tunes. The Charleston was formed waiting for the subway. When the police confronted the woman she could not produce a photo ID, only a credit card. They began to film the encounter and  backup ninja cops perused to tackle the 55-year-old dentist   The cops ordered the pair to go with them. Is this the new urban terrorism? The couple changes were dropped but the dancers have filed a Manhattan federal court suit against the city.

I better watch my step, I always break into dance waiting in many lines, stores.

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