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Paul Ryan Workouts. He says to train  P90X workout sessions.  I thought it was the TRX suspension resistance station.  They have it at my gym.  But they are on the same line endurance/ strength training.  It uses your own weight against elastic bands in a series of high repetitions plus the deluxe kit has weights.

That is cool. I just use cables, free weights and machines for endurance and strength training. Added with yoga classes at Dhyana Yoga. or Lucy’s athletic yoga on Wednesday AM.. Maybe jump on an elliptical for cardio.  A modern or ballet class at Koresh in Philly.

As long as someone can implement a Fitness program to the US economy. It is currently on life support.

The P90X System Click Here

Future Fitness of Cherry Hill NJ Click Here

Below, I was a contestant in a National Fitness show at Trumps, Taj Mahal in Atlantic City, New Jersey

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Hummingbirds, facing drought and food shortage during the summer months of 2012. With summer winding down, millions of migratory birds are on the move. But his year, things are a bit different, especially for tiny hummingbirds. Drought and climate change have shifted the landscape dramatically.

Lenore Hemingway is being especially careful to keep her 20 feeders filled with sugar water at her home in Sedona, Ariz. and replied,

“You make sure that they have all of the things they need. They have the sugar feeders, which they do rely on their migration. They have all of the flowers they love. It is a commitment, but the joy is getting to view them.”

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