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Has President Obama Earned Your Vote? Great ad from Americans for Prosperity, highlighting 2008 Obama voters who have responded to the last 4 years not with anger, but with sadness and disappointment.

Currently airing in my local area of South Jersey and Philadelphia, PA local viewing market. Subtle but to the point.

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Obama: “I’m looking for a campaign contribution,”  Boone, Iowa, campaign event.

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Joe Biden unplugged.

Joe Biden’s greatest gaffes. You can’t make this up folks. He is the US Vice President. Time for a change.

Romney/Ryan 2012.

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Psalm 109:8

May his days be few;
may another take his place of leadership.

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Will Barack Obama drop Joe Biden from his ticket? Obama has 22 days to decide. September 6, 2012 is the deadline where the official nominees will be registered on all 50 states. After the Charlotte, North Carolina’s Democratic National Convention the nominee will be on the ballot.  Maybe Obama will shake things up and request Hillary Clinton to fill the Vice President slot.  There have been weirder things happen in government.  Remember, Obama will do anything to keep his position in the White House. I would not put anything past Obama. Desperation has begun.

Obama Has Plenty of Time to Drop Biden Click Here

The Vice President is an embarrassment to the White House. Click Here

Palin to Obama: Dump Biden, Get Hillary Click Here

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