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Will Barack Obama drop Joe Biden from his ticket? Obama has 22 days to decide. September 6, 2012 is the deadline where the official nominees will be registered on all 50 states. After the Charlotte, North Carolina’s Democratic National Convention the nominee will be on the ballot.  Maybe Obama will shake things up and request Hillary Clinton to fill the Vice President slot.  There have been weirder things happen in government.  Remember, Obama will do anything to keep his position in the White House. I would not put anything past Obama. Desperation has begun.

Obama Has Plenty of Time to Drop Biden Click Here

The Vice President is an embarrassment to the White House. Click Here

Palin to Obama: Dump Biden, Get Hillary Click Here

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GOP Ticket pick Vice President Paul Ryan. Budget Committee Ranking Member Ryan walked through why the bill put forward by Democrats FAILS the President’s deficit test.

Clashing with Obama, priceless.

Ryan is focused and a number crusher.

Shocked this blogger. But believe an excellent choice. ( heard the rumor before bed but sleep was calling me)

How to bring America back to greatness. We will see. American need a life raft at the present.

Can’t wait to see Ryan debate Biden.

How Paul Ryan became the intellectual leader of the Republican party Click Here

Romney goes bold with Ryan as VP pick Click Here

Listen below to video, Ryan spanks Obama.

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Mitt Romney’s pick of a running mate, VP could sway the outcome of 2012 Presidential election. Remember, it is the electoral college that picks the President.

Via NY Times

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Romney’s Vice President watch? London Olympics, and Israel is on his itinerary prior to Republican Convention August 27 in Tampa, FL. Has the presidential nominee have a candidate already to add to his ticket? Romney will in traveling out of the USA during the next few weeks. The summer Olympics starts July 27 and Romney has schedule a two-day visit to Israel before their elections. Romney’s campaign spokesperson confirmed the trip.

Your Favorite Vice: Hotline’s Veepstakes Power Rankings Click Here

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Joe Biden Blunders, The greatest US Vice President of all time. Yes folks, it is time to inject humor into the Joe Biden gaffe machine.  This video is carefully edited for your viewing and musical pleasure.

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