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Donald Trump TV AD Campaign AD Commercial 2016. #MakeAmericaGreatAgain

Seems like there is conflicting reports that it isn’t the Mexican border in video but Morocco.

Trump’s campaign stated,

The use of this footage was intentional and selected to demonstrate the severe impact of an open border and the very real threat Americans face if we do not immediately build a wall and stop illegal immigration.”



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Romney-Ryan final campaign stop together as a team in Manassas, VA, August 11, 2012. Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan deliver their campaign speech beyond the Norfolk announcement of Ryan’s VP candidacy.  Are they the types of speeches that build turnout and win elections?

The 8,000 supporters were in for a surprise and they were have said to be rowdy and animated during the speech.

November 3, 2008, Obama had over 90,000 supporters for his final rally in the same town, Manassas, VA. What a difference 4 years can make.

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GOP Ticket pick Vice President Paul Ryan. Budget Committee Ranking Member Ryan walked through why the bill put forward by Democrats FAILS the President’s deficit test.

Clashing with Obama, priceless.

Ryan is focused and a number crusher.

Shocked this blogger. But believe an excellent choice. ( heard the rumor before bed but sleep was calling me)

How to bring America back to greatness. We will see. American need a life raft at the present.

Can’t wait to see Ryan debate Biden.

How Paul Ryan became the intellectual leader of the Republican party Click Here

Romney goes bold with Ryan as VP pick Click Here

Listen below to video, Ryan spanks Obama.

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America Deserves Better.

President Obama cannot run on his record, so he is committed to tearing down Mitt Romney. His campaign tried to use the tragedy of a woman’s death for political gain. Then, his top campaign aides were caught lying about it. Doesn’t America deserve better than a president who will do anything to stay in power?

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Last Call to Sign Barack’s Birthday Card. Right from my inbox this morning.

Friend —

It’s Barack’s birthday today — join Michelle and wish him a happy one. Click here to sign his card now:

And ask a friend to do the same by forwarding this email.


Obama for America

President Obama’s three birthday wishes, 2014

Barack Obama requests that the world signs his birthday card on Twitter, 2014





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