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The One Heartwarming Moment from the Oklahoma Tornado.

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Amid the rubble and lost lives that a powerful tornado wrought on Moore, Oklahoma yesterday, Gawker flagged down a little bit of uplift. In this interview, no-nonsense Barbara Garcia figures that she has lost her dog under the rubble of her home, when suddenly, halfway through the interview, he appears underneath some debris by her feet. Come on you gawking camera people, we know it’s amazing, but help the woman rescue him/her!

God Bless all the victims.

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J.C. Watts to run for Republican National Committee Chairman?  Watts is a former Oklahoma conservative who served in the House from 1994-2002.

Watts said,

My concern right now, and I don’t say this necessarily as a candidate [for RNC chairman], my concern is that as a Republican, every single Republican in America ought to be concerned about what has happened in 2008 and 2012. In this business, if you’re not growing, you’re dying.”

Before being a politician Watts was a professional quarterback in the Canadian Football League.  J.C.Watts played for the Ottawa Rough Riders in the 1981 Grey Cup.



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According to Oklahoma TV station KFOR, this is Charmin, a squirrel that visits Coyle, Oklahoma.  Resident Annette Conley every day to get food and ice water.

My friend just sent me this in an email to cheer me up.  I just witnessed 2 dead geese as road kill.  It so happens there is a geese crossing near my home and cars drive very quickly.  I called the local police and gave them the address where they had been hit by a passing motorist and never called it in. R.I.P.

I feed a couple of squirrels also at my home.

h/t Muse

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