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Pink Floyd: The Great Gig In The Sky.

My Dearest Friend Angelo, brilliant DJ, reminded me of the times we shared this song together. He inspired my improvisational dance career in South Jersey. I was feeling blue and he told me I owned this song when performed. Deep emotional feelings surface down to my heart and inner soul.

Pink Floyd keyboard player Rick Wright, wrote this song, which is about life, gradually descending into death. Hence the angrier and more intense first half with a dying person refusing to “go gently into that good night.”The second half is gentler, as the dying person gives into the inevitable and fades away. In the March 1998 issue of Mojo, Wright explained: “For me, one of the pressures of being in the band was this constant fear of dying because of all the traveling we were doing in planes and on the motorways in America and in Europe.”

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93.3 WMMR  Trivia, Name 5 Rock Bands With Colors In Their Names.

I was walking by Independence Mall Today. The 4th of July festivities have begun in Philadelphia, PA.  The first capital of the USA, if you forgot.

How do I get one of those T-shirts? Black Crows, Black Keys, Blue Oyster Cult, Pink Floyd, and Simply Red.

I was the first winner of the day. Yes, 93.3 WMMR Rocks.

Do you know what the logo in the middle of the T-shirt is? I knew right away.

Then I stumble upon synchronicity of ‘The Wizard of Oz’ and Pink Floyd’s ‘Dark side of the Moon’  Wow.



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