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Hurricane And Tropical Storm Names 2015.

They are Ana, Bill, Claudette, Danny, Erika, Fred, Grace, Henri, Ida, Joaquin, Kate, Larry, Mindy, Nicholas, Odette, Peter, Rose, Sam, Teresa, Victor, and Wanda.

Then, the Greek alphabet if they all are exhausted.

Ana is the first named tropical storm that is clinging to the Carolina’s at the present.

I remember Superstorm Sandy’s eye passing over my residence.

2015 Atlantic hurricane season Wiki

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93.3 WMMR  Trivia, Name 5 Rock Bands With Colors In Their Names.

I was walking by Independence Mall Today. The 4th of July festivities have begun in Philadelphia, PA.  The first capital of the USA, if you forgot.

How do I get one of those T-shirts? Black Crows, Black Keys, Blue Oyster Cult, Pink Floyd, and Simply Red.

I was the first winner of the day. Yes, 93.3 WMMR Rocks.

Do you know what the logo in the middle of the T-shirt is? I knew right away.

Then I stumble upon synchronicity of ‘The Wizard of Oz’ and Pink Floyd’s ‘Dark side of the Moon’  Wow.



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