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Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Conn, at least 26 people dead #PrayForTheChildrenThe principal and school psychologist were among the dead, CNN said. #PrayForTheChildren



Live Updates of Tragedy

Sandy Hook Elementary demographics.

Gun Homicides and Gun Ownership Listed by State, Country

Conn. Massacre Second-Deadliest School Shooting in US History

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“Dark Knight Rises,” kills 12-16 people at midnight opening showing in Aurora, Colorado, 9 miles east of Denver.  A gunman dressed in a SWAT uniform or costume, bullet proof vest, gas mask with 4 guns found & now recovered. Assault weapon, rifle and 2 handgun sprays tear gas or a flash bomb and bullets to a packed house with movie patrons where 50 more people were injured, over a dozen confirmed dead.

The gunman entered though the side exit. He could have been in the movie theater before so he could have returned to do his deadly terrorist plan. Anyone who attends movies know of the exit doors. He has said to thrown two gas canisters in crowd upon entry before shooting. He remained calm thoughout his horrendous act witness described.

The gunman is to have said walked  at the corner of the screen after the previews, threw canisters shot-gun(s) and then walked into the lobby where people were huddled, running out the building to save their life.

James Holmes, born December 13, 1987, is a 24-year-old white male with clean record and no links to terrorism. is now in police custody. The police found him at a car in the back of the theater.  Did he run out of automatic ammunition?

Law enforcement of three different agencies is now searching the suspects apartment for bombs explosives and other weapon of destruction. Shooter told police he had explosives both in his car and in his home.

Was it  a premeditated action, I believe it was.

Movie theaters will now have to identify their procedures for entry and exits due to this horrific crime. Did he act alone? This has not yet been verified. Will the movie opening suffer as a copy cat person might perform the same mass murder theater.

You Have The Right Person’: Colorado Shooting Suspect’s Mom Click Here

2 federal officials say suspect in Colorado movie theater mass shooting is James Holmes, born December 13, 1987 Click Here


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