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Colorado shooting survivor threatens to sue studio, theater and doctors. The US should get ready for the legal suits and liability. Should there have been alarms that have went off when the emergency door was propped? Do we want guards at the doors of our movie arenas, mental detectors? Maybe we could employ the TSA agents. We have Marshall’s in the air when we fly.  Will our freedoms ever be the same or will it be altered forever?

The lawyer, Donald Karpel is going to launch a civil suit to three defendants, the Century Aurora 16 movie theater, Warner Bros. Entertainment and the doctors for alleged Colorado gunman James Holmes.

Torrance Brown, Jr. has hired above counsel.  He walked away physically not injured. But saw he best friend die, A.J. Boik, He claims to be suffering from extreme trauma.

Is this just the beginning?

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Pilobolus dance company, Summer in the City performs Late Night with Conan O’Brien. Pilobolus is a modern performance company, founded in 1971. Their collaborative performance works on stage and screen using the human body as a medium for expression.

Pilobolus calendar, Facebook page. Click Here

UPDATE- So sorry. the video of Summer in the City no longer exist. I replaced it with Shadowland.

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