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Physicians: Birth control pills should be sold without a prescription, no doctor’s exam needed. The nation’s largest group of obstetricians and gynecologists says birth control pills should be sold over the counter, like condoms.

President and CEO of the Reproductive Health Technologies Project states,

I want it between the condoms and pregnancy test kits. I want it there so it’s giving the message: if you’re sexually active, use protection. The comparison isn’t taking the pill or not taking the pill. It’s taking the pill or not taking the pill and risking becoming pregnant.”

Dr. Daniel Grossman, vice chairman for the American College of Obstetricians admits he’s most concerned about the costs that may be associated with over-the-counter oral contraceptives. Although the Affordable Care Act requires coverage of birth control prescriptions, insurance companies may not cover over-the-counter medications.

It’s going to replace a prescription barrier with a cost barrier.”

National Latina Institute for Reproductive Health said in a statement,

Over-the-counter access will greatly reduce the systemic barriers, like poverty, immigration status and language, that currently prevent Latinas from regularly accessing birth control and results in higher rates of unintended pregnancy.”

Did you ever look at the pamphlet included in the birth control pills? Inform yourself Birth Control pills education bulletin. 

Or a pill that goes beyond birth control YAZ.

Really, is there a need for a Doctor to explain taking any type of synthetic versions of  hormones side effects that include headache, dizziness, breast tenderness, nausea, breakthrough bleeding, blood cots, decreased libido, mood swings vaginal discharge, urinary tract infection,  skin problems, gum inflammation, severe pain or blurred vision (or loss of sight), speech problems, chest pain or shortness of breath,  abdominal pain,  and aggravate asthma.

Just prevent pregnancy without thinking about it. Your in control.

Global Oral Contraception Availability Map

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Colorado shooting survivor threatens to sue studio, theater and doctors. The US should get ready for the legal suits and liability. Should there have been alarms that have went off when the emergency door was propped? Do we want guards at the doors of our movie arenas, mental detectors? Maybe we could employ the TSA agents. We have Marshall’s in the air when we fly.  Will our freedoms ever be the same or will it be altered forever?

The lawyer, Donald Karpel is going to launch a civil suit to three defendants, the Century Aurora 16 movie theater, Warner Bros. Entertainment and the doctors for alleged Colorado gunman James Holmes.

Torrance Brown, Jr. has hired above counsel.  He walked away physically not injured. But saw he best friend die, A.J. Boik, He claims to be suffering from extreme trauma.

Is this just the beginning?

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