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The Caliphate Cyber Army Hackers Publish 55 New Jersey Police Officers personal information.

I reside in the State of New Jersey, this information is very disturbing. Can we have the Election now b/c our Country is on life support with the current administration.

God Bless our law enforcement.

Hacker and code interface (Shutterstock.com)

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ISIS Belgian jihadist Abdelhamid Abaaoud, Dead in Raid #ParisAttacks.

They used saliva DNA to identify his remains.





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ISIS Threatens to attack New York City, ISIS Propaganda Video.

Obama, if anything happens on your watch, You will have Blood on your hands. You have carefully orchestrated ISIS your JV team since the Arab Spring.

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15 US ‘Citizen Terrorists’ Are Also Legal Immigrants, Really?

The Boston Bombers were Legal Immigrants.

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France Carries Out Raids, #ParisAttacks, #ParisSiege, #SaintDenis.

ISIS is an Islamic Terrorism Army.  What World Leader will step up and Lead?

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