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Morley Safer Dead At 84 Years.

My son and I had just viewed the retirement this outstanding new correspondent special on CBS 60 Minutes last Sunday. I remember his hard-hitting journalism during the Nam war.  Prayers.

Morley Safer: A Reporter’s Life



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Proof: Obama refused to call Benghazi “Terror,”  a CBS covered up?  CBS finally posted a critically important segment of the 60 Minutes interview with President Obama conducted on September 12, a full 54 days after the terrorist attack in Benghazi, Libya.

Was it deliberately edited  and/or did the major news outlet commit negligence to the American people?


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Obama on Middle East violence, terrorist attacks, a dead Ambassador and 3 other Americans in Libya, “Bumps in the Road” WTH? Sorry, I missed this interview on “60 Minutes” last night.  I was preoccupied with viewing the NFL.

This is a clear example of Obama’s position sympathizing with Muslim anti-American hostility.

Obama used this allegory once before when referring to a jobs report and slowing economy at a Chrysler Plant in June 2011.

This man continues to be out of touch with American policies foreign and domestic. It must be Obama’s go to phrase.  Time for Obama to have a bump in the road back to Chicago after the November 6, 2012 election.

Obama: Bumps on the Road to Recovery Click Here

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60 Minutes interview with Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan, Chairman of the Budget Committee taped in High Point, N.C, August 12, 2012. CBS News’ chief Washington correspondent Bob Schieffer was the moderator for their first interview as running mates.  Paul Ryan is already on the ballot for his Congressional seat repeat 7 term.

Take the time to view this video. I have paused and rewound some segments. I think we have a great team here to reform America failed policies.

Obama has a terrible record, did not moderate his positions thought out his 4 year term. Obama is trying to run on distractions and divide people, agreed Mr. Ryan. Mitt Romney has found his voice, very clearly. Ryan’s one role will be to shepherd legislation on Capital Hill. This young man isn’t going to sit and watch people yield off tract, not under his watch.

When and if elected what would a Romney cabinet look like now that we have seen his choice for Vice President?

November 6, 2012 will be the fate of America.  We cannot keep the reckless abandonment occurring.We have a front row seat into our own history.

I wish there was a debate this week and every week until the election. Expose the fraud and waste this current administration is engaged.

CBS Hides Section of Interview: Did you know Paul Ryan’s Mother is on Medicare? Click Here

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