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MLB Atlanta Braves 6-3 loss to the  St. Louis Cardinals one game wild card playoff. Questionable infield fly in 8th inning you bet.  I started watching the game in the 6th then with 2 extra umpires on the field, then they blow this call?

Game is under protest.  But it doesn’t matter.

Major League Baseball must adapt to current technology and submit themselves to review. Watch the tape.

Text of the infield fly rule from Rule 2.00 of the Official Baseball Rules: Click Here

Atlanta Braves Fans Litter Turner Field After Terrible Infield Fly Rule Call Click Here

Braves Fans Attack Umpires With Garbage After Worst Infield Fly Call Ever Click Here

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The New Yorker Cover, The Empty Chair, The First Presidential Debate, sneak peek, October 15, 2012.

Artist Barry Blitt describes,

This image seemed like a proper response to the first Presidential debate, but I’m not sure I realized how hard it is to caricature furniture.”

Mitt Stands Alone Click Here

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Neglected ducks get their first swim at the Woodstock Animal Farm Sanctuary .  For the first time in their lives two dozen recently rescued ducks get their first taste of life in a pond. They had been living for years with a hoarder who had them in pens without adequate access to water or proper nutrition.

Rescue: Over 100 Neglected Birds from Hoarding Case, Woodstock Animal Farm Sanctuary Click Here

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We Can’t Afford Four More Years, ad by Mitt Romney.  During the presidential debate, we saw the clear choice facing voters in this campaign. President Obama can’t defend his record and has no new ideas to run on. Mitt Romney clearly demonstrated that he is a leader who will create jobs, turn around our economy, and work across the aisle. We can’t afford four more years like the last four years.

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Unemployment rate drops to 7.8%, Obama’s fuzzy math prevails. Bureau of Labor Statistics released September’s rate at 7.8%, employers added 114,000 jobs in September.  The underemployment rate which includes part- time workers who’d prefer a full-time position and people who want work but have given up looking still at 14.7 percent.

September 2012 Jobs Report – 802K Leave Labor Force Click Here

The Unemployment Rate Is Down To 4.3%…For Government Workers Click Here

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