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Joe Biden, “I’m a big Tom Kaine fan, a big Tom Kaine fan.,” at the Lynchburg City Armory in Virginia campaigning for the Democratic Senate candidate race.

Ryan Williams, spokesman for Romney commented,

Vice President Biden forgot the name of his own Virginia Democratic Senate nominee and he wants voters to forget about President Obama’s failed economic policies and lack of a real agenda for a second term.”

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Seal Team Six,  The Raid on Osama Bin Laden will air on the National Geographic Channel  two days before the election on November 4, 2012. Harvey Weinstein, the director and mega Obama supporter ordered the film be re-edited to give Obama a starring role in the killing of Osama Bin Laden in the 90 minute movie.  National Geographic refused to run the movie until Weinstein reportedly removed a scene portraying Gov, Mitt Romney as an opponent of the strike.

OPSEC Seeks Donations To Run Anti-Obama Ad Against ‘Seal Team Six’ Movie Click Here

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Operation Bengazi Accountablity-1 Million Calls, Monday Oct 29, 2012.

When: Monday October 29, 2012
                              9:00 am – 5:00 pm CDT
More InfoCall the White House Correspondents and demand that they ask tough questions about Bengazi!
Why is the White House lying to us the American people?

When did the President know and why was there no security?

Why was the video blamed when we knew that it was a terrorist attack in real-time?

Was this situation an arms deal gone bad with militia or terrorist groups that do not like America?

Why are they lying to the American people?

The phone # to call is 202-266-7453

White House switchboard- 202-456-1414

OGR committee- 202-225-5074 – ask for public hearings !!

We need 1 million people to call on Monday so please pass the word around!

Thank you,

Chad Smith

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