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NFL Philadelphia Eagles Win 27-7 Vs New York Giants.

I rushed home from a killer spin class, then picked up a Domino’s pizza.  Returned home, placed ESPN on and watched the Birds win vs. Giants 27-7.  But the G Men made the first TD.   Then the Eagle’s defense got fired up especially DeMeco Ryans.  They are awesome. Our offense still needs work, can’t have all those interceptions Bradford.  I still believe in the long term you will not go deep into the playoffs without a solid O ( that includes the O line b/c the game is won at the line of scrimmage) but defense wins you Superbowl’s.

Fly Eagles Fly.

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Philadelphia, 7th Cursed Sports City In The USA.

The New York Times  wrote a post on their blog Upshot on the 13 cities that have cursed sports teams and their methodology resulting in their conclusion.

Do I agree?  Let me add The Curse of Billy Penn.

Via Crossing Broad

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Monday Night Football: Philadelphia Eagles Defeat Carolina Panthers, 45-21.

I made it to the 3rd quarter, fell asleep and awoke right after the post game interviews. It wasn’t a long night because the Philly Eagles were in control of the game after the 1st quarter.

Sanchez stated after the game,

After playing for a while, you learn a lot. I’ve made plenty of mistakes and hurt the team. The most important thing was taking care of the football, communicating well and executing. If we do that, generally we’ll be successful. There are still plenty of things to clean up though. By no means was this perfect.”

The Eagles (7-2) stayed on top in the NFC East.

Fly Eagles Fly.

Cam Newton, Carolina Panthers embarrassed in 45-21 loss to Philadelphia Eagles

Eagles vs. Panthers Final Score: Philadelphia blows out Carolina, 45-21

Eagles vs Panthers Box Score

Eagles Fly By Panthers




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NFL Philadelphia Eagles Eaglettes Cheerleaders, Retro 1977-1978.

Today is the home opener for the NFL Philadelphia Eagles 2014 season.  I did grace the field while  I was an undergraduate at  Temple  University behind  Dick Vermeil, Jaws Ron JaworskiWilbert Montgomery, Bill Bergey,  When the Cowgirls came into town, there was Tom Landry and Roger Staubach. This was at The Vet.

I still get excited all these years later.

Yes,  I will always be a die-hard Eagles Fan.

Go Birds.


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