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Tebow Rises In Philly.

I was in the gym when the news broke last night on Twitter.  Tim Tebow has 2.9 million followers.

What Head Coach Chip Kelly has planned is anyone’s guess. Tebow worked out for the Eagles in March.

So elated  Tim Tebow will sign a one year contract with the NFL Philadelphia Eagles today.

What a wonderful ambassador Tebow will be for the Philadelphia fan base.  It has already made the National news circuit. Also, Tebow was Riley Cooper’s roommate while a Florida Gator in University.

Tim Tebow Offical Twitter

Eagles are Tim Tebow’s best, last chance at NFL career

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Monday Night Football: Philadelphia Eagles Defeat Carolina Panthers, 45-21.

I made it to the 3rd quarter, fell asleep and awoke right after the post game interviews. It wasn’t a long night because the Philly Eagles were in control of the game after the 1st quarter.

Sanchez stated after the game,

After playing for a while, you learn a lot. I’ve made plenty of mistakes and hurt the team. The most important thing was taking care of the football, communicating well and executing. If we do that, generally we’ll be successful. There are still plenty of things to clean up though. By no means was this perfect.”

The Eagles (7-2) stayed on top in the NFC East.

Fly Eagles Fly.

Cam Newton, Carolina Panthers embarrassed in 45-21 loss to Philadelphia Eagles

Eagles vs. Panthers Final Score: Philadelphia blows out Carolina, 45-21

Eagles vs Panthers Box Score

Eagles Fly By Panthers




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NFL Eagles’ Team Photo 2014 Displayed at Philadelphia Art Museum.

Pretty cool.

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NFL Philadelphia Eagles 33, Washington Redskins 27, Chip Kelly, Coach of the Decade.

Great Monday Night Football to be a Philadelphia Eagles Fan.

After watching the fist half, I wish I was an offense lineman’s wife again.. Really, that is where the game is won at the line of scrimmage. I am viewing some of the big men pulling, beautiful screens.  The team that controls it wins the game.  Wow factor in place. Chip Kelly has caught the defense in disarray with his multiple O formations. Also, I believe lots of those cramps in the legs of the Skins defense were really time outs.  Yes, it is that quick. The Birds look like they have been training in a spin room pre- season. ( Like I have for the past 8 months.) Vick looks great and Kelly is brilliant.  All the teams in the NFL will be dissecting this game tape.

Can’t wait for the second half. BTW, RG3 looks like he is still injured ACL and all. His Otho Dr.on sidelines. .Bids 26-7 Skins.  ( Philly gave the Skins the 7 pts.)

Michael Vick runs it in for a touchdown 33-7.  RG3 now fist time in the red zone.  Philly sacked QB blitz. Randy Moss can’t save them. Horsecoller cheap shot and more.  Yes, thee should have been two penalties.  #10 was on fire and pissed. They will go for three,  Attempted field goal no good. Go Birds. 

Just watched Peters,, the Bids All- Pro Left Tackle. Took two with him as the RB ran around him. Oh the refs are homers One looks like he should be retired and watching the game from his rocker.

It is the 4th quarter now.  Birds are celebrating a bit early.  It is OK.

Oh what a feeling to be a Philly Eagle’s Fan again.  Superbowl is just up the Pike in Jersey too.

R.I.P. The Any Reid era is officially Dead. Praise the Lord.

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