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Angel Wisdom, Coleen, Eagle Plaza, Voorhees, New Jersey.

Hi Colleen, I met you @ the Tanning Salon, at Eagle Plaza today.  I am still feeling your presence around me. I can’t shake it off.  I wrote a blog post about dance and I keep thinking of our meeting today.  As I told you, I felt an energy field so powerful enter through the door.  I never sit by the door when visiting Lynn, always next to her or on the couch.  But today was different. I knew you were coming to visit. Whatever it is I have to explore what is behind the next door. I hope you can lead me there as I am eager to learn.

You had a calming effect from my endless amount of energy I am experiencing in exercise, and in life.  People always mistake me but I know I have many gifts. (I have reinvented myself many times in life) Learning to channel my energy last two months has been a challenge. Before that, I was in a space that was hindering me from experiencing life.  Not Now!  I am full speed ahead with caution. After speaking with you, I will not allow negative energy to flourish in life’s behaviors. I wait to meet with you again.

Thank you, Donna

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