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“Don’t Take Things Personally”

“Don’t take things personally…when you are giving your all and you really care about something, and you feel that someone doesn’t have your best interest at heart and you feel they’re approaching you negatively, turn it around. Use that energy to push you towards your goal.” –Briana Reed

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Angel Wisdom, Coleen, Eagle Plaza, Voorhees, New Jersey.

Hi Colleen, I met you @ the Tanning Salon, at Eagle Plaza today.  I am still feeling your presence around me. I can’t shake it off.  I wrote a blog post about dance and I keep thinking of our meeting today.  As I told you, I felt an energy field so powerful enter through the door.  I never sit by the door when visiting Lynn, always next to her or on the couch.  But today was different. I knew you were coming to visit. Whatever it is I have to explore what is behind the next door. I hope you can lead me there as I am eager to learn.

You had a calming effect from my endless amount of energy I am experiencing in exercise, and in life.  People always mistake me but I know I have many gifts. (I have reinvented myself many times in life) Learning to channel my energy last two months has been a challenge. Before that, I was in a space that was hindering me from experiencing life.  Not Now!  I am full speed ahead with caution. After speaking with you, I will not allow negative energy to flourish in life’s behaviors. I wait to meet with you again.

Thank you, Donna

Angel Wisdom

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But Obama needs another 4 years to get the job done.

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