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Perseid Meteor Shower, 2015.

J Randy Attwood, executive director of the Royal Astronomical Society stated, 

It is usually the strongest one of the year, so you see more meteors per minute than other meteor showers. This is the one in the year where I would say that it would be worth someone’s while to make an effort to see it.”

Promising Perseid Meteor Shower Peaks Tonight: How to See It

The annual Perseid meteor shower peaks TONIGHT, Aug. 12-13. Check the map below for your city/state's visibility. Best Visibility = up to 30-40 meteors/hour; Visible, Low Rates = up to 10 meteors/hour; and Visible, Very Low Rates = less than five meteors/


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Perseid Meteor Shower, “Shooting Stars” Comet Swift-Tuttle. August 2013.

Hundreds of meteors will fill the night sky tonight called the Perseid Meteor shower. They are bits from a left over comet named Swift-Tuttle.  The comet the debris slams into the Earth’s atmosphere and flares up in dazzling meteors or fireballs.

NASA official stated,

Rates can get as high as 100 per hour, with many fireballs visible in the night sky,” ‘Early in the evening, a waxing crescent moon will interfere slightly with this year’s show, but it will have set by the time of the best viewing, just before dawn.’

Slooh Space Camera website view live Click here

Slooh President Patrick Paolucc told space.com

We will pull a live feed from our amazing all-sky camera located on the top of Mt. Teide in the Canary Islands, off the coast of west Africa, over 8,000 feet up where skies are nice and dark,”

Yes, I added one of my favorite  you tube’s Madonna’s Lucky Star.  See a Star and make a wish.

Perseus (constellation) Wiki link

Click Here to see your weather tonight by AccuWeather.


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