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Fralinger String Band waits to enter the warehouse that was engulfed in a four alarm fire at 2nd and Wharton, Philadelphia, PA. People are extending their help as the Mummers Parade is on New Years Day, 2013.

Thomas D’Amore, 24, the captain said,

Fralinger will never back down from a challenge. Unfortunately, this is the first year we’ve rented this spot. The thing that hurts the most was that this is a hobby for the guys who are 9-to-5 blue-collar, so what was lost was all their free time they put in.”

Steve Coper, chairman and business manager of Fralinger replied,

It’s all of our props for New Year’s Day, most of which have been completed. So, if it’s a total loss, it’s very devastating,”

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Four alarm fire at the Fralinger String Band Mummers warehouse fire, located on the 1300 block of South 2nd Street, Philadelphia, PA. This is where the award-winning string band stores their equipment. The costumes are not stored in the building however. They were to be use bring in the New Year January 1st.


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Fralinger String Band, Stars Over Scotland- 2012 (Video below)

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