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NFL New England Patriots Head Coach Bill Belichick grabs referee at the end of  31-30 loss to the Baltimore Ravens, fined $50,000.

Heavy-hearted Torrey Smith shines as Ravens slip past Patriots Click Here

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Garret Reid, son of NFL Philadelphia Eagles head coach Andy Reid found dead at Eagles Training Camp Sunday morning.

Philadelphia fans say a prayer for the family. Garret now is with the Lord.


Andy Reid’s son dies at Eagles camp Click Here

Andy Reid’s Son Garrett Found Dead At Eagles Training Camp Click Here


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NCAA to announce sanctions against Penn State,  NCAA President Mark Emmert comments.

“This is completely different from … anything else we’ve dealt with,” Mr. Emmert told PBS. “This is as systemic a cultural problem as it is a football problem.”

“Never seen anything as egregious as [Penn State’s situation] in terms of just overall conduct and behavior inside a university.”

“There have been people who said this wasn’t a football scandal,” Emmert said. “Well, it was more than a football scandal, much more than a football scandal. It was that but much more. And we’ll have to figure out exactly what the right penalties are. I don’t know that past precedent makes particularly good sense in this case, because it’s really an unprecedented problem.”

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