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Prosecutors in Trayvon Martin Case Release Picture of Zimmerman Showing Broken Bloody Nose Finally? The prosecutors in the Trayvon Martin case finally released a clear, digital photo taken by police on the night of the incident showing George Zimmerman’s injuries.The black and white next to it is what the prosecution originally released. As you can see, is a lot less explicit and open to a lot more interpretation. For instance, the blood is not clearly visible.

Zimmerman’s nose is clearly broken and he appears to have been pummeled MMA style. Exactly as witnesses said originally. It backs up Zimmerman’s story, that he was in fear of grave bodily harm.

The photo and other evidence was released in what was called supplemental discovery.  This wasn’t released originally in discovery, the legal process in which both sides are supposed to reveal their evidence to each other before trial.

When there’s supplemental discovery, that normally means that one side found out about evidence that should have been released to them originally under the rules of discovery and had to make a formal request to the court to obtain it.

Since this picture definitely helps Zimmerman’s defense and was withheld, I think we’re talking prosecutorial misconduct.

Zimmerman is up for second-degree murder.  How can they convict him unless the jury is racially motivated.

Prosecutorial Misconduct by Angela Corey



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George Zimmerman sat with Sean Hannity and the interview included  his defense attorney Mark O’Mara. I watched it live with commercials though it was prerecorded. Sean Hannity had to travel to Sanford, Florida as George Zimmerman cannot leave the county due to stricter bail requirements. Sean Hannity received the exclusive interview because the other news outlets had a conspiracy evolving that Sean was helping George Zimmerman before the arrest warrant. The accusations were proved false. See 2nd video below.

I also watched the line up rebuttal with T. Martins parents and their attorney. Every news outlet had their time slot beginning from 7am Thursday. First on the Today Show then continued. I clicked through the necessary channels.

In the legal system in the US, it is not innocent until proven guilty? However, when those judicial officers succumb to the pressure of the mob, justice suffers. George Zimmerman has a bounty placed on his head, Dead or Alive by the New Black Panthers Party in the sum of $10,000. Is that justice? Also, did President Barack Hussein Obama instigate and ignite the racial charged discourse by implying ” If I had a son he would look like Trayvon?” Yes, Mr. President we Americans are well aware your mother was white and your father was black.  You also conveniently use it in your political forum.  Is Obama guilty of  furthering the racial divide and class warfare currently plaguing this Country?

When the MSM places photos of T. Martin, why are they still of a lesser age, 12-14 years old? They not the current pictures of a very tall, athletic young man?

The conversation is ongoing. Will George Zimmerman receive a fair trial? Will George Zimmerman ever walk the streets in the United States freely?

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