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Kitten Watches Bird Cartoon.

This teeny kitten is watching a bird cartoon. He tilts his head when he sees the birdies.
Just a feel good video at the end of a difficult week.

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Pumpcast News, Part 1 & 2 – The Tonight Show with Jay Leno

I viewed this last night for the first time but it was a rerun.  Jack Rafferty does his hidden camera trick at the gas pump and it is spontaneous.   All for a free tank of gas.   Made me want to get up and dance @ midnight. What an entertaining couple.

Take the time to view the videos  Even if they were plants ( they do that for ratings)  it will brighten your day.

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National Geographic Channel Taboo USA Commercial. aired on Memorial Day. WTH? Did I just really view this? Taboo USA Season 4, Episode: Strange Obsessions airs Tuesday June 4th. Click here Love isn’t always about romance and roses. In New Zealand, “Baba” Dez Nichols claims he’s had sex with nearly 2,000 women. He leads an interactive workshop where participants are encouraged to share each other’s bodies. In Arkansas, former piano teacher Dave is a looner—a person who has a fetish for balloons. He’s collected 65,000 of them. He’s always affectionate with his beloved balloons, continually cuddling them, tucking them into his shirt and nestling up to them at night. What a disgrace, to take American icon’s and use them at their disposal.  Disgusting, disturbing, and demented. Is this real? From Buzzfeed

Lifestyles That Are Taboo In The US, But Are Okay In Other Countries

Being A Polygamist,  Being or using a prostitute, Using And Possessing Illegal Drugs, Being Sexually Attracted To Children, Drinking While Pregnant, Drunk Driving, and Cheating on a Spouse. Please, Can this stop now?  The Progressives are using another channel to convey their message. God Help Our Country.

National Geographic Channel Taboo

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The Young and the Restless, CBS daytime drama, 10,000 episode aired today in the US September 27, 2012.

Congratulations to everyone in the production.

I found this video below. Y&R panel discussion at The Paley Center for Media in Los Angeles featuring Peter Bergman, Eric Braeden, Jeanne Cooper, Doug Davidson, Christian LeBlanc, Joshua Morrow, Melody Thomas Scott, Kristoff St. John, Michelle Stafford and Maria Arena Bell. It was moderated by Brooks Barnes, of The New York Times. Filmed 8/23/2012.

Y&R Celebrates 10,000th Episode

THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS Celebrates 10,000 Episodes

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“Not Working” TV AD. 23,000,000 Americans unemployed underemployed or have given up looking for a job. Over 8% for over 40 months unemployment and a 45% increase on people who need food stamps. Obama’s plan did not work.

Romney/Ryan 2012

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