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Golden Kitty Award, Henri 2, Paw de Deux.   Winner of the first Internet cat video film festival.


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Does Warner Brother movies incite violence? Does Universal pictures project monsters?  Does Disney depict family orientated animated flicks?

Warner Brothers Movie Database . Click Here

Universal Movie Database Click Here

Disney Theatrical Animated Features Click Here

After reviewing the major movie houses projection of conduct, does any share in a responsibly to the public? You do not have to view any movies in your lifetime. But does it in some way share in a culture behavior reflection of society currently in the United States?

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Movie Magnet,want to watch a movie online? Download from the below link.  Just type in the title of the movie and select the quality you want to view it in for free.

This is a beta version, but it is all ready to go. Try it out. If you have question there is a link titled need help.  Click it and read it. There is a learning curve.

Leave comments on how the link works.

Happy viewing.

Moive Magnet.net Click Here

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