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Jeanne Cooper‘s Tribute on The Young and the Restless.

I just got done viewing the Tribute to Jeanne Copper who played the character Katherine Chancellor, as she has left us and gone to heaven.  I was live blogging on Soap Central’s live thread, among her many adoring and heartfelt fans. There wasn’t a dry eye on the thread today as we tried to type our emotions. We had prepared ourselves for this day.

I started viewing the Young and the Restless at age 17 in 1973, the time of its conception.  The Philadelphia School District teachers were on a 3 month strike.  What would I do with my time, to fill the void of not attending school?

Enter, The Young and the Restless. It was a 30 minute format.  Then, they extended it to an hour, when I can not recall at the present.

Throughout the years, in between Temple University’s degrees, my many different reinvention of my life’s pursuits,  Mrs. C was always there. From Philadelphia, to Ottawa, Ontario, Canada, Boston, New Orleans, working on cruise ships to the Island of Bermuda in the 80’s.  It was viewed @ 7pm so everyone could return from work to watch.  There were no DVR’s and VCR’s were expensive.  Technology was evolving.

Yes, through my former marriage, the birth of my son, who is age 25 now and has walked into many episodes of me staring into the Television at 12:30pm and commenting in vain at times, this Daytime gave me a stability or a constant in my life.  I could always tune in and watch other people’s joys and sorrows.  It felt like a release from every day’s life.  This was now my extended family for 40 years.

Mrs. C, Mrs.Chancellor, Duchess, as your Daytime son called your name,  you will be forever in my heart. What a legacy you have left.

Thank you production, direction and editing, as many her cast members, and family paid her homage to a work well done and told their stories behind the scenes.

God Bless Jeanne Copper.

This was her last scene before she left us , she knew, as she walked up  The Stairway to Heaven. Click Here

Jeanne Cooper’s Wiki Page Click Here


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